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At Vertex, we are an imaginative, ambitious team of accountants continually striving for ways to improve our service and streamline processes.

We recognize the need for a cost-effective and better alternative accounting resource for small to medium-sized companies. Our client base ranges from individuals who are seeking general financial advice to sole traders, charities, and limited companies. We are an expanding practice, modern and progressive. Our motivated and dynamic teamwork with and for our clients with a focus on client relationships. Our proactive approach ensures that there is ongoing contact between us so that we are always up to date on your progress and position throughout the year. This allows us to anticipate opportunities and advise you on ways in which to capitalize on these and to identify potential problems and recommend practical solutions. You should feel that you can talk to us anytime about any aspect of your business.

We will always have your interest at heart.

Our aims are simple. We aim to:
1. Keep your tax liabilities as low as legally possible.
2. Free your time from worrying about taxation, accounting, and bookkeeping.
3. Make the running of your business as trouble free as possible.
4. Ensure you meet all statutory requirements.
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